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The first time he stepped on the stage Elijah knew he was at home! His first real performance was in 8th grade as he played a flute solo of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." The crowd cheered and sang along as the full tones of the flute filled the auditorium. The cheers, the applause, and the support of the audience during his performance brought out the best in his presentation. The nerves that were there just a few minutes earlier had disappeared and the excitement of entertaining the audience fueled his performance.

Since that time, Elijah has played in venues from restaurants, taverns, college campuses, churches, and theme parks. Everywhere he goes, he is asked where he will be playing next. The greatest honor is to be asked back to perform at a venue. Elijah knows his success is in his audiences enjoying the show and feeling like they are not just along for the ride, but that they are enjoying the ride with him.


Elijah now spends much of the year in Nashville studying flute performance. Over the past year he has had the opportunity to write with other musicians in Nashville as well as record in the studio with other artists. Soon you should see the release of his single, "Let's Stay Like This" on Spotify and other platforms.


We would like for you to be part of his journey. Please follow him on social media such as twitter, facebook and instagram - @elijahflute

We would also like to be part of your special occasions and entertain for you. Just look at his booking page for details.

Elijah writes some of his own songs, and covers artists such as Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. He also is able to play many of the top worship songs. If you are looking for entertainment for wedding receptions, birthday parties, or someone to play at your venue's stage, please contact us.

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